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Business & Personal Development Programs

"In early May of 2003, Alan Greenspan described the previous 30 months as 'The mildest Recession in U.S. History'. Yet even today, 4 years later, as 2007 commences and uncertainties still prevail as we look to the future, I do not know a single executive who plans to go back to Business As Usual. Why? Because blunt instruments like across-the-board price increases and chainsaw cost reductions don't work anymore by themselves. Such moves have become Table Stakes in the everyday efforts to improve performance. The ONLY way to protect and grow company value is to focus on both Revenues and Profits."  

 - Ron Huntington - March of 2007

That's the emphasis of all our work at EMT: Improving Revenues and Profitability.....Along with Improving Working Relationships within our Client Organizations. All of the EMT, Gazelles, Birkman and Open Organization Programs and Services listed are designed and tailored to meet the specific needs of you, your key people, and your organization to improve Revenues and Profits. That's where our reputation is built and our value to Clients established.

Every Client Engagement is customized to effectively consider the unique aspects of the Individuals with whom we work, and the culture of the Organization whose interests we have been hired to advise, assist, and protect.

We classify our Menu of Services into five specific Practice areas:

  1. Individual & Team Development.
  2. Financial Management.
  3. Organization Improvement Services.
  4. Executive and Ownership Services.
  5. Sales, Marketing, & Customer Service.

Following are listed the specific Products & Services offered in each of the 5 Areas:

Individual & Team Development:

  • Programs for Improving Working Relationships using Open Organization Processes.
  • The Accelerated Leadership Growth Program For Management & Leadership Skills Growth.
  • Custom In-House Programs for Improving Working Relationships and Management Skills.
  • Conflict Resolution.
  • Project Management.
  • Leadership Coaching and Training - The Accelerated Leadership Growth Program.
  • The Birkman Direct Advanced Leadership & Management Style Assessment.
  • The Birkman Direct Advanced Team Building Processes.
  • Individual Coaching & Mentoring.
  • Persuasive Speaking & Communication Skills Training - Straight To The Truth.
  • Interpersonal Communication Skills Training.
  • The Birkman Direct PSN and EMT 360-Degree Feedback Products & Services.
  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI).
  • FIRO Methods Individual Assessments.
  • Team Training & Team Development Programs.
  • Training Program Development - For Client In-House Training Programs.
  • Training Video Development & Multimedia Production Services.
  • Multi-Lingual and Diversity-Directed Multimedia Training Programs.
  • Time and Priorities Management Programs and Training.
  • Performance Coaching & Appraisal Programs.
  • Group Process and Facilitation Skills.
  • Personal, Professional, & Career Counseling.
  • Interviewing & Selection Skills - Hiring For Success.
  • The EMT "Terminating Without Tears or Fears" Program for Leaders & Managers.

Financial Management:

  • The EMT Key Performance Indicators and Critical Numbers Systems.
  • Financial Performance Analysis.
  • Financial Plan Development.
  • Operating Budget Development & Financial Management Services.

Organization Improvement Services:

  • The EMT 7-Step Strategic Growth Program.
  • Change Management.
  • Work Process Analysis.
  • Diversity Training.
  • The Birkman Direct Pre-Employment Assessment - Selecting For Success.
  • The Birkman Methods - Shaping Successful Career Paths Inside Client Organizations with Birkman Direct.

Executive & Ownership Services:

  • Business Start-Ups.
  • The EMT 7-Step Strategic Growth Program.
  • Vision & Mission Building.
  • Strategic Planning Services - Orchestration and Facilitation.
  • The Birkman Direct Advanced Methods - Executive Coaching & Mentoring.
  • The Birkman Direct PSN and EMT 360-Degree Feedback Processes.
  • Current Reality Assessments for Organizations and Individuals.
  • Employee Policy & Procedures Manuals.
  • Organizational Assessment & Climate Surveys.
  • Client, Vendor, & Supplier Surveys.
  • Executive Retreat Planning & Facilitation.
  • Stakeholder and Business Value Optimization Assessments.
  • Succession Planning and Leadership Transition.
  • Executive and Staff Outplacement and Career Counseling.

Sales, Marketing, & Customer Service:

  • The Sandler and EMT Sales Systems - Straight To The Sale.
  • The Sandler and EMT Sales Management Development Program.
  • Sales & Marketing Planning and Sales & Marketing Plan Implementation.
  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys and Programs.
  • Publicity Planning & Implementation.
  • Customer Service Training.

PRICING of our Products & Services:

You'll find the pricing of our Products & Services to be extremely reasonable and competitive. We work closely with our Clients in building customized, cost-effective Programs, often negotiating pricing within a Client's Comfort Zone and agreed-upon Budget parameters. Every Service we offer is designed to deliver an appealing, positive, and measurable impact to the Bottom Line.

Our Products and Services Guarantee:

Confident in our abilities to deliver services that exceed our Client's expectations, EMT is proud to offer Clients an Unconditional 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee of Satisfaction on all work we perform.

The high quality of our work, coupled with top marks for Client Satisfaction, have resulted in not one single Client invoking our Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee in all the time it has been offered.