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EMT's Clients Speak On The Quality of Our Work, and on the Impact our Efforts and Experience have on Their Businesses and in Their Lives. 

ImageAs a result of your coaching, friendship and the EMT Processes I have completely changed my life, both personally and professionally, all for the better. Professionally I have progressed from a dissatisfied, overworked and undervalued employee of another company to the President and CEO of Maiden Stone, Inc., my own company and blossoming business that has been joyfully created and introduced to an outstanding response within our industry in 2003. Personally, 2003 has been a year of phenomenal personal and professional growth, with the discovery of a potential new life partner. 2004 looks like a spectacular year ahead, which I enter with great energy, added confidence and positive expectations. Your ability to cut through the confusion and distill the ever-present chaos into comprehensible detail, manageable activities and actionable steps has been priceless. Thank you for empowering me to change my life for the better!Image

- Sandra Jonas, President, Maiden Stone, Seattle, Washington  

ImageI wanted to personally thank you for making the Accelerated Leadership Growth Program a positive growth and learning experience. I personally gained a tremendous amount of insight, not only about myself but also about those with whom I work. I think your Course ranks among the best I have experienced in my professional career. I felt you added exceptional value to the learning experience through your instruction. You knew the material extremely well, and delivered it in a manner that made it enjoyable to receive. I also applaud your personal commitment and level of respect for each and every one of your students, as well as the group as a whole. I hope our competition never finds out about you! You are our Competitive Advantage!Image  

- Jeff Sweeney, Vice President and Alliance Director, The Boeing Company and Trammell Crow Company, Seattle, Washington

ImageIt was eight months ago today I began working with you, facing a multitude of challenges. In a very short time, you made a huge difference in my life, beyond what words alone can describe. Working with you is a special experience. You took the time to get to know me, helped me put a plan forward and allowed me to identify and begin achieving my life and career goals. In the process, I have come to deeply respect your professionalism and genuine sense of caring. A refreshing aspect of your approach, I discovered, was you never offered a promise of "quick fixes" to problems - This is in sharp contrast to many in your field. I can still remember how anxious I was to start meeting with you, to strategize how quickly I could race to "my bottom line". Instead, you first insisted I patiently take the time to write a detailed analysis of my situation, and then deliberately formulate a valid vision and plan for my personal and professional development.Throughout the process, I admired your emphasis on maintaining the highest levels of integrity. I think that in today’s competitive business environment, there is a tendency to exaggerate - even lie about your achievements to gain a competitive advantage. In the age of Enron, the real answer is you, Ron. A big lesson learned here was that when you speak the truth, people show a genuine interest in what you have to say; conversations become more powerful; people perceive you as a quality person, and desired results become easier to achieve. Thank you for making such a profound difference in my life!Image  

- Matt Abtahi, Vice President, Cascade Bank, Everett, Washington  

ImageThe personalized service which I received at your firm was more helpful than any of the generalized Management/Support Programs in which I have participated in the past. Your willingness to work around my busy schedule, using live scenarios personalized to fit my specific needs, made all the difference in the effectiveness of the Accelerated Leadership Growth Program.Since beginning the ALGP, I have noticed marked improvement in internal support and my own ability to leverage employee efforts, while creating common goals and visions.Although I was skeptical upon starting this program, I would now highly recommend it to anyone in a management position.Image 

- Kirk Gentry, Director of Operations, Thales Avionics, Inc., in Seattle, Washington