Abhay Sisodiya

Abhay was born in Tanzania Africa and has travelled frequently throughout his life to England, Asia, and Canada. He received his education with a degree in engineering from Mount Royal University and is also a certified Gravitas International Coach and a graduate of Hoffman Institute. With 25 years of leadership, human resources and talent management experience his expertise in the industry include curricula development, strategic planning, 360 assessments, Personal Profile analysis, course facilitation at post-secondary educational institutions, and organizational effectiveness.

Abhay’s unique approach to adult learning in a corporate setting is based on the belief that each individual should be an extension of their company’s vision, value, and brand. In his experience in developing leaders in organizations over time, Abhay has discovered that a leader who is able to preserve their personal core principles and values alongside a company they work for, often become significant contributors to the growth, success, and legacy of an organization. “You can’t just believe ‘it’ for the company’s sake… you have to stand by your own personal values first then align them with the company you work for.”

Abhay’s work in developing companies to strengthen their operating principles has shown itself in Canada and the United States throughout the health care, oil and gas, manufacturing, retail management, IT, and interior design industries. He continues on the path as a life-long learner and human discovery in performance, he enjoys being a part of the learning process and seeing the exponential growth of a team when they work in unison towards a common vision. He currently resides in Calgary, Alberta where he volunteers with two community boards as their Executive Advisor. He also volunteers with the Alberta Theater Project as their Vice President and during his extra time pursues his passion travelling the world experiencing different cultures across the globe and relishing in life’s greatest moments with family and close friends.