Chad Theriault


In his current positions as President of Dabax Inc. and an Associate Partner at Executive Mentors & Trainers, Chad continues serving clients as a respected technology and Management Consulting expert.  Assisting clients in delivering difficult projects and developing and implementing business processes to maximize the profitability of his Clients.

Chad specializes in Project Management solutions that use technology for tracking and accountability.  Working closely with the client’s management team and employees allow him to design programs that are specific to each client.  Continued communication throughout the term of the Project is maintained to ensure that the desired results are achieved.

Chad has personally overseen projects that have spanned over two years from initial concept to completed implementation.  He has a great knowledge of internet and business application software, as well as a strong knowledge of budgeting and other financial aspects of projects and general business.

Dabax Inc. has created sophisticated business solutions applications for over 9 years under his guidance.

Chad’s strong internet background began with the public launch of the internet itself.  At age 18 Chad was hired to turn around a struggling Internet Service Provider as the acting manager.  In less than three months he had changed a failing business into a lucrative operation – an operation that is still in business and profitable 14 years later.

His subsequent appearances as the “Internet Guru” on a daily radio segment emphasized his experience and ability to explain advanced technology in a way that the general public could readily understand.

During his tenure as the “Internet Guru” Chad also served as owner and manager of The Right Solutions, a computer support company.  The Right Solutions served as network consultants and service specialists for several businesses including the Ministry of Health (Ontario, Canada), McDonald’s Restaurants and Chorus Entertainment.  Chad later sold The Right Solutions to dedicate his time completely to the management and operation of Dabax Inc.  The Right
Solutions, under a new name, continues to this day to service clients.

The work on these projects found Chad in a whole new job category.  With his many years of experience in the field, Chad was hired as a Management Consultant and Business Coach for the first time in September 1999.  Since that time, he has continued to learn and excel in this field.  Today this is Chad’s primary focus of the business.

The discovery that technology was just a medium for which Chad could work on his true passion of helping companies get the highest possible profits from their business by maximizing efficiency and communications has itself been life-changing and made him truly successful.

Over the years Chad has been a speaker to several High School and other Entrepreneur classes in North America and continues to offer his time to young individuals looking to create their own businesses as well as donating to local charities in his hometown of Oshawa, Ontario.

As a past member of the Oracle Partnership Program, and a current member of the Microsoft Partner Program, Chad stays up to date on current technology solutions for businesses.  As an Associate Colleague of EMT, Chad continues his education in the field of Management Consulting and Business Coaching.