Executive & Ownership Services

Business Start-Ups – Guidance, Coaching and Consulting.

Painted Picture – Vision, Core Values & Mission Building.

Gravitas Impact Premium Coaches 4 Decisions Strategic Planning  & Execution Processes.

3HAG Strategic Thinking and Execution Planning Services – Orchestration and Facilitation.

The Birkman Direct Advanced Methods – Executive Coaching & Mentoring.

The Birkman Direct PSN and EMT 360-Degree Feedback Processes.

Current Reality Assessments for Organizations and Individuals.

Employee Policy & Procedures Manuals.

Organizational Assessment & Cultural Climate Surveys.

Employee, Client, Vendor, & Supplier Surveys.

Executive Retreat Planning & Facilitation.

Stakeholder and Business Value Optimization Assessments, Best Practices and Consulting.

Succession Planning and Leadership Transition Coaching and Consulting.

Executive and Staff Outplacement and Career Counselling.

Professional Speaker Services for Events.

Organization Improvement
Individual & Team Development
Sales, Marketing & Customer Service
45-Day Satisfaction Guarantee