Executive & Ownership Services

Business Start-Ups ? Guidance, Coaching and Consulting.

Painted Picture ? Vision, Core Values & Mission Building.

Gravitas Impact Premium Coaches 4 Decisions Strategic Planning ?& Execution Processes.

3HAG Strategic Thinking and Execution Planning Services ? Orchestration and Facilitation.

The Birkman Direct Advanced Methods ? Executive Coaching & Mentoring.

The Birkman Direct PSN and EMT 360-Degree Feedback Processes.

Current Reality Assessments for Organizations and Individuals.

Employee Policy & Procedures Manuals.

Organizational Assessment & Cultural Climate Surveys.

Employee, Client, Vendor, & Supplier Surveys.

Executive Retreat Planning & Facilitation.

Stakeholder and Business Value Optimization Assessments, Best Practices and Consulting.

Succession Planning and Leadership Transition Coaching and Consulting.

Executive and Staff Outplacement and Career Counselling.

Professional Speaker Services for Events.