Individual & Team Development

The Accelerated Leadership Growth Program For Management & Leadership Skills Growth.

Custom In-House Programs for Improving Working Relationships and Management Skills.

Conflict Resolution Facilitation and Skills Training.

LEAN Program and Project Management Coaching, Consulting and Development.

The Birkman Direct Advanced Leadership & Management Style Assessment.

The Birkman Direct Advanced Team Building Processes.

Individual Executive or Leader Coaching & Mentoring.

Persuasive Speaking & Communication Skills Training ? The EMT ?Straight To The Truth? Program.

Interpersonal Communication Skills Training.

The Birkman Direct PSN and EMT 360-Degree Feedback Products & Services.

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI).

FIRO Methods Individual Assessments.

Team Training & Team Development Programs.

Training Program Development ? For Client In-House Training Programs.

Training Video Development & Multimedia Production Services.

Multi-Lingual and Diversity-Directed Multimedia Training Programs.

Time and Priorities Management Programs and Training.

Performance Coaching & Appraisal Programs.

Group Process and Facilitation Skills.

Personal, Professional, & Career Counseling.

Interviewing & Selection Skills ? The TopGrading ?Hiring For Success? Program.

The EMT ?Terminating Without Tears or Fears? Program for Leaders & Managers.