Keith Cupp


Keith and Ron Huntington go back a long way together, as Keith was one of Ron’s earliest Clients, on several occasions, during the first 10 years of Ron’s and EMT’s existence as Coach & Consultant to Management.

Keith took over for Ron in 2008 and served as the Chief Architect, President and CEO of Gazelles International Coaches growth to 250 Coaches internationally from 2008 to 2018, when Keith formed Gravitas Impact Premium Coaches, out of his home base in Vancouver Washington. Gravitas Impact Premium Coaches is the primary proponent of the 4 Decisions Processes, designed to help Fast-Growth companies achieve their growth objectives with greater confidence, certainty and speed. Coupled with Shannon Susko’s revolutionary and evolutionary Metronome Growth Systems and the 3HAG Strategic Planning and Execution System, Keith and EMT are well-armed to help you address and resolve your most pressing Business Issues.

Originally a graduate of LSU and the US Navy’s Nuclear Propulsion Program, Keith served his country capably as a Naval Officer on the aircraft carrier USS Enterprise as one of its nuclear propulsion officers. Upon leaving the Navy, he entered the business world as a civilian. Having served in multiple high technology companies prior to his role as President and CEO of Gazelles International from 2008 through June of 2018, he occupied virtually “every seat at the management and leadership table,” building teams and cultures successfully along the way. In the Navy and thereafter, Keith has served honorably, and continues that Life of Service as Owner and CEO of Servant Ventures, Inc., and Gravitas Impact Premium Coaches.

For over a decade he has been quietly conceiving and executing long-term strategy, building great teams, and ensuring that Coaches and Clients are cared for, are successful, and that all are positively impacting the world and having fun while doing it.

As a successful Coach and Consultant to Ownership and Management, Keith is a talented communicator and proven leader, who understands corporate culture, the power of collaborative processes, and how to assist organizations and their leadership to optimize the balance between people, performance and profit.