Keith Upkes


Keith lives in Camas, Washington. He is a big believer in sticky notes. You can easily move them around. Write whatever you want on them. And they come in all sorts of colors.

That’s also his approach with coaching—be flexible, get creative, and consider different points of view. You’ll often see him handing out a stack of sticky notes in meetings and workshops.

He also believes in listening. Keith listens carefully to a client’s story, the things that keep them up at night, what keeps them away from their families and free time. And then he asks the right questions to help his Clients find the answers. He has worked tirelessly in business management for over 25 years, so he has seen lots of different scenarios. That means he has plenty of stories to pull from to find the right path for a client.

And he does love stories. Keith is an avid reader, and he gets inspiration from pages of books. (He has also been known to give books as gifts to new friends and clients!) Along with reading, Keith’s approach to coaching comes from his certification through Gazelles International and his own extensive financial background. Since he was Controller/CFO for more than 20 years, Keith can apply thoughtful insight into building a healthy, financially stable company with his clients.

Being a business coach is not just a career for Keith. He regularly holds impromptu sessions with friends. He presents educational workshops to local entrepreneurial communities. He has served different leadership roles in Rotary International. When watching one of his kids’ baseball games, music recitals or school musicals, Keith is reminded of the power of working as a team to discover new things together.

And knowing that we can achieve great things together, like higher profitability, more cohesive teams, and better cash flow, he knows we’re all able to serve our communities in even greater ways.