Kim Bayer-Augustavo


Kim is a tenacious, results-driven leadership coach drawing from many years of experience as a senior marketing officer at McDonald’s Corporation. During her corporate tenure, she became a change agent and turn-around expert leading innovative growth strategies, marketing execution plans and talent development efforts for the West Division, a consistent top-performing global business unit. She is known for her leadership abilities, to advise and align franchisees and corporate management on developing industry-leading, customer-first business and marketing plans. Recognized as a trailblazer with the ability to coach C-suite executives, Kim has honed her skills into becoming a certified premium business coach.

She works with driven CEO’s with a desire to scale their business and the need to invest in quality guidance to accelerate their performance. Kim’s accomplishments at McDonald’s included launching premium coffee which led to McCafe and developing the “Communities Grow with McDonald’s” campaign, bringing brand trust to the forefront as a key global strategy.

She earned multiple awards for major contributions and served Ronald McDonald House Charities as a board member for many years. Kim and her husband, Ed, live in Seattle with their Irish Setter, Brady, and have 6 children and 3 grandsons. In her spare time, you can catch her on a ski slope in the Cascades or hosting a dinner party for family and friends.