Michael Langhout


Michael Langhout is a certified Business Growth Advisor and Executive Coach to mid-market CEOs and executive teams serving clients globally and locally.

Having built several large-scale corrugated manufacturing companies, Michael’s experience gives him a unique perspective and allows him to relate to the rigorous demands placed on today’s CEO in the manufacturing sector.  Michael is genuinely interested in helping fellow entrepreneurs achieve significant growth and freedom, both professionally and personally.

His purpose is to inspire great leadership and building remarkable companies.  Michael is passionate about working with leaders and senior teams to accelerate the scaling process without tapping expensive external sources of financing.  He does this by getting the best people on the team doing the right things, identifying a differentiated strategy, then converting profitably with a clearly defined execution plan.

Since founding his practice in 2001, Michael has helped scale many companies across a wide range of industries, including manufacturing, packaging, medical technology, distribution, health care services, professional and financial services, marketing, retail restaurant, e-commerce, facility logistics, digital media, construction, marine fisheries, and not for profit enterprises, among others.