Our Unconditional 45-Day Guarantee
of your Complete Satisfaction


Confident in our abilities to deliver services that exceed our Client’s expectations, EMT is proud to offer Clients our Unconditional 45-Day Money-Back Guarantee of Satisfaction on all work we perform.

If our work fails to meet your expectations, in any way, within 45 Days of the services having been rendered you can either pay whatever you feel the value of the work was to you and your company, OR you can elect to pay us nothing at all. That choice with our Invoiced Amount is yours to make, under our Guarantee.

The high quality of our work, coupled with top marks for Client Satisfaction, has resulted in not one single Client invoking our Unconditional 45-Day Money-Back Guarantee in all the time it has been offered – since our founding of EMT in early 1998.

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Organization Improvement
Individual & Team Development
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