Where & With Whom We Work

Business Performance Consultants

EMT is based in Seattle, Washington, and serves Clients throughout the United States, Canada, China, around the Pacific Rim, and Austral-Asia.

Our organization serves many Small to Medium-sized (SME) Growth-oriented Businesses and organizations, generally whose Revenues range from $5MM to $500MM+. We also count a number of Fortune 1000 Companies among our valued Clients.

The Recipe For Success

The Recipe for Success: Our most successful Clients are the CEO/President/Owner of a company that is committed to Growth, open to being Coached, and willing to fully commit to the demanding and exacting disciplines of our Gravitas Impact 4 Decisions3HAG Strategic Execution Systems, and The EntreLeadership Systems and Processes.

We provide a complete and well-rounded range of proven General Business Management and Leadership Products, Processes & Services, Professional and Personal Human Development Programs & Processes, and Associated Business Performance Services.

We are proud to represent the services of Gravitas Impact Premium Coaches, Metronome Growth Systems, Shannon Susko’s 3HAG Processes for Strategic Thinking and Execution Planning, EntreLeadership, and Birkman International, Inc. – via The Birkman Advanced Methods and Birkman Direct services.

EMT provides comprehensive, sensible, cost-effective, results-oriented solutions to our Clients. Every engagement is tailored to the unique needs and cultures of Client organizations and the individuals with whom we interact.

Our services and guidance help Clients grow their businesses, increase profitability, strengthen financial controls and performance, improve internal working relationships with fellow employees, elevate and strengthen relationships with Customers & Suppliers, and improve their overall competitive positions.

On both personal and professional levels, we serve as Coaches, Mentors, and Confidants to our Clients, helping them realize greater measures of Business Success, Life Balance, Personal Satisfaction, and Peace of Mind through our close and valued long-term relationships with them and their organizations.